beach town yoga studio in downtown st petersburg

Beach Town Yoga is a Donation Studio

Offering donation-based classes close to people living in Treasure Island, FL, our yoga studio aims to make yoga accessible to individuals from various income levels with an inclusive approach. It differentiates itself from other fitness and yoga studios by encouraging a diverse range of students to embrace yoga.

The unique method of compensating instructors fosters a sense of community by providing an excellent opportunity to express gratitude and show support for the dedicated yoga teachers who inspire your practice. The donations collected for each class are divided equally, with 50% directly supporting the instructor.

Promoting enhanced flexibility in your yoga practice, our studio utilizes Infrared Heat to improve circulation and lymphatic movement, creating a warmth akin to the sun's sensation. The comfortable perspiration experienced during Infrared Heat creates an optimal environment for your practice.

Creating a warmth akin to the sun's sensation, the heating approach positively impacts your practice, promoting enhanced flexibility in your yoga practice by improving circulation and lymphatic movement. The comfortable perspiration experienced during Infrared Heat creates an optimal environment for your practice.

Our studio in Seminole, FL, close to Treasure Island, FL, is a convenient choice for many individuals. Convenient accessibility is ensured with on-site parking and nearby street parking. The spacious practice area can accommodate up to 90 students, making classes easily accessible for everyone.

Ensuring there is always room for more yoga enthusiasts, drop-in classes are also available, and arriving 10-15 minutes early to sign up with our system is recommended, especially for new attendees. You also have the option to pre-register for a class and make your donation through our website's class schedule. Our enthusiastic yoga teacher will warmly welcome you and guide you through the practice.

Beach Town Yoga

Pay what you want for yoga in downtown St Pete, FL
Half of the donations go directly to teachers
See the schedule below and drop in to any class!

Class Schedule


Perfect for people just starting out and beginner yoga
  • Donate what you'd like
  • Try out all the teachers
  • Learn your own yoga practice
$88 / month
Getting into the practice more and wanting consistency
  • Unlimited classes
  • No need to Donate
  • Part of the Crew!

We're here to sweat it out

Come one, come all. Donation yoga so there's nothing in the way of breathing together. The teachers have their own unique styles as well as playlists. See our class types and let's have some fun + sweat it out together! Our St Petersburg beginner yoga classes are a great way to drop in and get started, so check out our class schedule.

Hot yoga St Pete? We’ve got it! Our yoga studio is warmed to 88 degrees and will get you sweaty and leaving happy. We are happy to be a part of the community of yoga studios St Petersburg has to offer! Come visit us soon!