Class Types

Our teachers are encouraged to bring their authentic viewpoint to the types of classes below. Donation yoga allows you to try out all the teachers and find which ones you vibe with most.


  • All-Levels Class for those starting out
  • For experienced yogis who want to slow down
  • Learn the Fundamentals
  • Get back into the basics

All-Levels Flow

  • All-Levels Class that connects movement to breath
  • Balance between quicker movements and pose holds
  • Each class offers a unique combination of poses
  • Expect to sweat and connect with your breath

Power Flow

  • An all levels cardio yoga class
  • Designed to challenge your body and mind
  • Extra core work
  • Energizing and upbeat
  • All classes heated to 88 degrees
  • All teachers play their own music


  • Non heated class
  • Gentle and slow paced
  • Focuses on long-held, passive pose holds
  • Aims to cultivate stillness, flexibility, and a sense of surrender
  • All teachers play their own music

"I enjoy that her classes allow for modifications as well as more challenging poses, depending on what your body needs during that session. You can feel the love and light she exudes in each class."

Savannah Schoessow - Houston, TX

“After trying a few teachers I discovered Claire and I was hooked. She has a great variety of classes with sequences that are very well designed. She has a great personality and awesome energy that is uplifting.

Dr. Lindsey Cochran - Dallas, TX

"I have never taken a class of Claire's that I don't leave feeling in awe. She empowers you and pushes you at the same time. The level of depth she reaches is an artwork that nobody I've experienced in my 22 years practicing yoga." 

Joy Lipson - Scottsdale, AZ

"As a yoga teacher myself, I can confidently say that Claire's classes are incredibly powerful. I can always count on learning something new when I practice with her." 

Jen Lee - Houston, TX

"Admittedly my wife and I are overweight so we are trying to healthily lose weight. Claire’s classes are the perfect fit for us because she challenges and inspires us." 

James Logue - Wichita, KS

“Claire teaches with love & brings adventure to each class. She distills the confidence into you, when it’s time to flow by yourself you can, the trust that she believes is in you will be found.”

Anthony Perez - Austin, TX