beach town yoga studio in downtown st petersburg

Beach Town Yoga is a Donation Studio

Our donation-based yoga studio is conveniently located near St. Petersburg, FL, providing unlimited monthly membership options for a consistent yoga practice. When attending a class, students have the flexibility to contribute any amount they feel comfortable with. Additionally, 50% of the donations received from students are directed towards compensating our dedicated teachers, which empowers them to continue their valuable work and further support our yoga community.

Our spacious studio with a diverse range of 48 classes per week offers sessions every day, providing individuals the opportunity to delve deeper into their practice, experiment with new yoga postures, and join less crowded classes. With easy access to a parking lot and ample street parking, we incorporate Infrared Heating to gently warm the studio, allowing participants to generate internal heat as they move through their practice. The studio accommodates up to 90 practitioners simultaneously, fostering a sense of community and collective practice.

Students can easily register via the provided link and make donations through various payment methods, including ApplePay and CashApp. Our enthusiastic instructors will extend a warm welcome and ensure an exceptional yoga experience. We are thankful for your decision to practice yoga with our studio and eagerly anticipate guiding you on your yoga journey. New students can join any of our classes 15 minutes before their scheduled start time to make their donation upon registration.

Beach Town Yoga

Pay what you want for yoga in downtown St Pete, FL
Half of the donations go directly to teachers
See the schedule below and drop in to any class!

Class Schedule


Perfect for people just starting out and beginner yoga
  • Donate what you'd like
  • Try out all the teachers
  • Learn your own yoga practice
$88 / month
Getting into the practice more and wanting consistency
  • Unlimited classes
  • No need to Donate
  • Part of the Crew!

We're here to sweat it out

Come one, come all. Donation yoga so there's nothing in the way of breathing together. The teachers have their own unique styles as well as playlists. See our class types and let's have some fun + sweat it out together! Our St Petersburg beginner yoga classes are a great way to drop in and get started, so check out our class schedule.

Hot yoga St Pete? We’ve got it! Our yoga studio is warmed to 88 degrees and will get you sweaty and leaving happy. We are happy to be a part of the community of yoga studios St Petersburg has to offer! Come visit us soon!