beach town yoga studio in downtown st petersburg

Beach Town Yoga is a Donation Studio

Our donation-based yoga studio is conveniently close to people living in St. Pete Beach, FL, and is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals to engage in yoga, regardless of their financial circumstances. This unique model ensures that 50% of the class donations directly support the instructors, empowering participants to contribute to their teachers' income.

Featuring a spacious yoga room capable of accommodating large groups, our studio can cater to up to 90 individuals per session. This setup provides opportunities to develop new connections and extend invitations to friends, fostering a strong sense of community and inspiring practitioners to challenge themselves further in their yoga journey.

Our studio effectively warms the muscles and tissues involved in the yoga practice through the use of Infrared Heating, elevating the overall experience. This creates a tranquil and inviting atmosphere, allowing participants to fully concentrate on their practice and cultivating a distinct and favorable ambiance.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the session to ensure a seamless and hassle-free entry process. Our classes are available every day of the week and can be conveniently scheduled online through our donation facilities. The ample stress-free parking in both the lot and street ensures accessibility, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Upon arrival, our dedicated instructors are enthusiastic about warmly welcoming and supporting you in your yoga journey.

Beach Town Yoga

Pay what you want for yoga in downtown St Pete, FL
Half of the donations go directly to teachers
See the schedule below and drop in to any class!

Class Schedule


Perfect for people just starting out and beginner yoga
  • Donate what you'd like
  • Try out all the teachers
  • Learn your own yoga practice
$88 / month
Getting into the practice more and wanting consistency
  • Unlimited classes
  • No need to Donate
  • Part of the Crew!

We're here to sweat it out

Come one, come all. Donation yoga so there's nothing in the way of breathing together. The teachers have their own unique styles as well as playlists. See our class types and let's have some fun + sweat it out together! Our St Petersburg beginner yoga classes are a great way to drop in and get started, so check out our class schedule.

Hot yoga St Pete? We’ve got it! Our yoga studio is warmed to 88 degrees and will get you sweaty and leaving happy. We are happy to be a part of the community of yoga studios St Petersburg has to offer! Come visit us soon!