Ricardo G

Hi, I'm Ricardo
Born and raise in the Carbbean (Venezuela) Certified Chef and yoga Teacher (IRYT 500 h), living one day at a time; my life mission is to serve others always sharing my experience from the heart, yoga came into my life in 2010 I remember that I fell in love with this practice instantly.  Since then I continue studying, preparing myself and learning the magic of this ancient practice and how it can transform you into a more loving and compassionate human being with others and especially with yourself.  As a Master yogui said, yoga can be practiced by everyone, older people, young people, children, women, men, small, big, only the lazy cannot practice.  So I hope to see you soon at beach town yoga. A group of excellent yogis will wait for you to help you find that Samadhi or state of plenitude in which Happiness and tranquility converge.  A state in which the human being does not need to think or doubt in order to be integrated with himself and with the Whole. 

Namaste πŸ™πŸ•‰οΈ