Nikki C

Greetings! I'm Nikki, a yoga instructor and a licensed realtor in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area ✨ Originally from Michigan, I traded in the snow for the Florida sunshine back in 2015 β˜€οΈ

My journey into yoga began when traditional workouts and weightlifting lost their appeal and started to cause more physical discomfort than enjoyment. Having been a gymnast for a decade during my childhood, I longed for that same sense of accomplishment and connection with my body. That's when yoga entered my life.

Yoga offered me a means to move my body in a way that not only felt good but was truly transformative for my mind, body, and spirit. It ignited a passion in me to dive deeper, both within myself and on my yoga path. This transformative journey inspired me to share its benefits with others and guide them through their own transformation using the power of breath and movement πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

As your yoga instructor, my objective is to lead you from the chaos of the mind into the sanctuary of your body. Together, we'll embrace challenges and learn to conquer them, both on and off the mat.

I'll meet you on the mat, Namaste 🫢🏻