Lisa G

Lisa has found a balance between her entrepreneurial spirit and her innate desire to help others with extensive experience in owning and operating her own businesses as well as the therapeutic aspects of yoga and holistic health and a commitment to helping others in their living process.
Her schooling has come from many sources but her direct experience requires working from her inherent intelligence. Wisdom is a noble strength that balances integrity and compassion. This consciousness – nature, resides in all of us and is not weak or timid, aggressive or self-serving. When you consciously tap into your own profound wisdom, you communicate and take action from an extraordinary and far more effective place. You reveal who you really are with a powerful presence that fully engages your friends and clients.
Her commitment is more than being dedicated to a person, organization, or goal – it involves the realization of your true potential and a freedom that provides new meaning to the concept of achievement. Our success now lies in our ability to access our unfulfilled potential – having the courage to look within and challenge our own motivations, values, and practices. We must lean into the edge of the sword.
Leaning in is exactly what she will invite you to do in a powerful vinyasa flow class. Vinyasa means conscious connection of breath to movement and as she guides you through powering up, finding your edge, she will also lead you to that place of surrender, letting go and just allowing. She empowers you to explore your own edges allowing you to find that true teacher that is within. Come explore with us!