Crystal K

Crystal Kage is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher through CorePower Yoga. In addition to her yoga certification, she is also NASM Certified in Group and Personal Training, and Corrective Exercise. 

Crystal's fitness journey extends beyond yoga, as she holds a certified Black Belt in Hapkido (HIYA!) and has trained in various other Martial Arts. She harnesses the principles from these diverse disciplines to create workouts that focus on strength, core stability, flexibility, and power. Her training philosophy revolves around making workouts not only effective but also enjoyable and goal-oriented because, after all, who wants to exercise if it isn't fun?

Beyond her fitness certifications, Crystal is a seasoned event planner known for throwing epic parties. Her versatile skills extend to organizing and hosting yoga events around town, adding a unique and eclectic flair to each occasion. Crystal's style is characterized by rock 'n' roll influence, making her a favorite among those who appreciate a blend of wellness and attitude! \m/

Based on her experience and passion for fitness and event planning, Crystal has shared her expertise by teaching at various studios in Atlanta and, more recently, in Tampa Bay. Keep an eye out for her themed yoga events around town, where she infuses her eclectic style with a rock 'n' roll flair!